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The Wynnum Manly Employment and Training Association Inc (WynMET)

Past History:

In 1978 a community group was formed to assist the disadvantaged in the region. After several name changes Wynnum Manly Employment and Training (WYNMET) was formed. In 1988 the Association became the Bowman Community Support Centre (CYSS).

The name changed to Wynnum Skillshare when granted a DEETYA Skillshare contract. Many disadvantaged community members were able to gain skills to enter the workforce at entry level. The Management committee during the Skillshare period were frugal and recognised that they had to move from the Wynnum site and began searching suitable premises to buy. The premises had to be reasonably priced and large enough to for increasing numbers of clients.

The current premises were purchased and formally opened on the 12 June 1991 by Mr Con Sciaccia, MHR. In the same year Wynnum Skillshare was awarded a commendation for its “Skillshare Canteen course”.

In 1998 Wynnum Manly Employment and Training (WynMET) was born to reflect new objectives. During the ensuing years WynMET became a Registered Training Organization, became a member of Jobs Australia (JA) and won the 2000 Business Achievers Award. WynMET also has a Job Placement Licence granted through DEWR and was building a reputation among local employers as a provider of professional job placement services.

In 2009 with a grant provided by the Commonwealth Government and funds from Career Employment Australia Inc refurbishment of the original premises was undertaken. Original plans were expanded to totally revitalize the very old premises to provide a spacious well presented training facility. The total refurbishment was completed by career Employment Australia Consortium Limited a not for profit building company and Indigenous employees were employed during the project where ever possible.

Current Situation:

With government and contract changes, the committee realised that for WynMET to progress, it needed to join a group of like-minded not for profit organizations. It linked with CEA and today is an “Indigenous Centre” catering to the needs of Indigenous Australians primarily those involved in the Indigenous Youth Mobility Programme. It also houses Language Literacy and Numeracy classes and the new Enterprise Incentive Scheme service provided by Business Success Group.

Wynnum Manly Employment and Training Association Inc is also a Registered Training Organisation with a National RTO Number 0677 and delivers training in Hospitality Aged Care and Construction

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